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The big news this year is that Pat Gubler of PGSIX, TOWER RECORDINGS and METAL MOUNTAINS will join PIGEONS.

Ma Turner's video for Foxglove was premiered of Tiny Mix Tapes!

THE BOWER has arrived at MIE headquarters

Generous review from The Wire:

SOFT ABUSE announced the release of 7", BUOY

WFMU Radio show with DAN BODAH!
Tuesday, May 26th, Midnight - 3am
Airborne Event with Dan Bodah (filling in for The Frow Show)

Some very generous press has arrived ahead of the release of The Bower. Thank you, folks!!
THE BIG TAKEOVER reviews The Bower
ADHOC premiered Summer for Mary Ann
TINYMIXTAPES premiered Not a Party
POPMATTERS premiered Two Years on Land
DAS KLIENCUM reviews The Bower

New LP THE BOWER will be out in MAY 2015 on MIE
A new single, BUOY will be out August 2015 from Soft Abuse.

Pigeons on WFMU Monday, April 26, 2013
Airborne Event with Dan Bodah
sometime between 9pm  and  Midnight

We're very honored to be part of Maxime Guitton's latest compilation, YOUR VICTORIAN BREASTS, on THREE:FOUR RECORDS.   THANK YOU, MAXIME!

Your Victorian Breasts

Recently Pigeons were asked to participate in one of the Natch Sessions at the legendary Black Dirt Studios. Basically, Jason Meagher, the owner and engineer, picks musicians who have recorded at Black Dirt in the past and asks them to collaborate for a few days and then he records and mixes them...the results are the Natch Sessions . He chose Margot Bianca (Flown, Key Demo, the Assault) and Dave Shuford  (D. Charles Speer, Enos Slaughter, No Neck blues Band) and Pigeons for the Natch #2.  The session was intense and fruitful.  Make sure to check out Natch #1 as well: Black Twig Pickers and Steve Gunn!!




The cats at No Fear Of Pop just posted some live trax that were recently recorded while rehearsing with the four piece at Black Dirt Studio.
New LP <<They Sweetheartstammers>> is out now on Soft Abuse. Artwork by NYC artist Yugi Agematsu with layout by Keith Connolly.

Here's the video for <<TOURNOI>>,track two on side two, by artist Amy Ruhl.

Here's <<DEAD ECHO>> the third track on side one.

Pigeons "Dead Echo" on Soft Abuse

New cassette on the Japanese label Sixteen Tambourines is available for order here.

Cover by French artist Blaise Parmentier.

The show from may 5th at Shea Stadium is up on the venue's great database.


NYC artist Mary Nicholson, who did the cover art for Virgin Spectacle and Liasons, lots of great fliers for us and who has a studio full of astonishing artwork, has just had some of her images put on a beer mug and a cloth handbag by this killer Japanese record store Big Love.  They are donating the money to help the folks in need after the tsunami.